Audio Recordings and Narration Credits

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King James Bible, 400th Anniversary Recording, Zondrovian Publishing, 2011


Voices of the War: Operation Homecoming: Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Home Front, in the Words of U.S. Troops and Their Families
Carroll, Andrew (Author). Blackstone Audiobooks. Published Jan 2006-2010. A production of the National Endowment for the Arts.

“A talented cast (including Scott Brick, Orson Scott Card, Harlan Ellison, Stephen Lang, David Birney John Rubinstein and Stephanie Zimbalist) brings the war in Iraq and Afghanistan up close and personal… They embellish little, allowing the sheer power of the writer's words to carry the dramatic weight. No matter what views the listener may hold toward the war, no one will be able listen to these intimate, heartfelt readings and come away unmoved.” - Publishers Weekly, Jan. 2007


Children of the Mind, Orson Scott Card. Audio renaissance

“…honest and emotional narration by Gabrielle de Cuir, John Rubenstein, Stefan Rudnicki, Scott Brick, Amanda Karr and David Birney.” - Publishers Weekly, September 4, 2006

***Both Children of the Mind and Voices of the War have been honored by Publishers Weekly with 2006 Listen-Up Awards as “outstanding productions…and best audiobooks. - Audie Award Finalists.


The Greatest Speeches of All Tim: Vol. 1
Napoleon Bonaparte, Joan of Arc, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King. Phoenix Audio.

“…this collection…an inspiring selection…impressive, David Birney and Stepanie Beacham…breathe new life and vibrancy into the older pieces.” - AudioFile Magazone, June/July 2009


Crystal City, Orson Scott Card. Fantastic Audio, 2005.

*Winner of AudioFile Magazine Earphones Award


Speaker for the Dead, Orson Scott Card, Fantastic Audio, 2002.

*Winner of AudioFile Magazine Earphones Award


Shadow Puppets, Orson Scott Card, Fantastic Audio, 2003.

* Winner of AudioFile Magazine Earphones Award
* Publisher's Weekly Listen Up Award, Best Audiobooks
“David Birney delivers this complex mystery with a subtle intensity that compels the listener's interest. Both story and voice are magnetic.”


The Conspiracy Club, Jonathan Kellerman, Random House, 2003.

“David Birney delivers this complex mystery with a subtle intensity that compels the listener's interest. Both story and voice are magnetic.” - AudioFile Magazine June/July 2004


The Christmas Tree, Julie Salamon, Random House for Christmas, 1996.

*Winner of the Audie Award
“...becomes a special production when read by David Birney...Birney brings an immediacy and compassion to the moving story...”
- Christian Science Monitor


Ponzi’s Scheme, Mitchell Zuckoff, Random House Audio, 2005.

“David Birney imparts a soft Italian accent and oozing charm to his Ponzi impression while delivering the rest of text with an understated style that keeps the focus on the story, well written as it is. A great listen, not only for its focus on history, but for , Birney’s smooth chianti of a voice.” - AudioFile Magazine, 2005


Sole Survivor, Dean Koontz. Random House.

"Actor David Birney reads with a skill that contributes to the suspense, anger hope and wonder of the story, especially the characterization of Joe." - Library Journal, April 1, 1997

" light of the events of the Heaven's Gate cult, David Birney's portrayal of joe Carpenter resonates with Carpenter's anguish over the death of his wife and daughters in the crash. At the same time, his anger and determnination to solve the mystery balance his ever present grief. Birney's years in the theater serve him well." - Audio File, October 1997


The Fall of a Sparrow, Robert Hellenga, New Star Media Inc., 1998.

*Winner of the Audie Award
"Birney brings soulful intimacy to Woody's part... a brilliantly effecting narrative."


Poems of Love and Desire: An Anthology of Love Poetry Throughout the Ages.
Dove Books. Produced and recorded by David Birney. With David Birney, Lee Remick, Michael York, Robert Stephens, and Jane Lapotaire.

Sir Vidia's Shadow, Paul Theroux, New Star Media Inc., 1998.

"David Birney does a great job." - Detroit Free Press
"Reader David Birney gives and excellent characterization of V. S. Naaipaul...Sir Vidia...remarkable." - Arizona Daily Star


Reversible Errors, Scott Turow, Random House Audiobooks, 2002.

“Read by David Birney (of “St. Elsewhere” and “Bridget Loves Bernie” fame), Raven sounds like the heavily jowled, middle-aged lawyer Turow writes about, a guy who “has looked middle-aged since he was 18… Birney’s Raven sounds lonely and desperate…When Birney speaks as Gandolph, you can hear the desperation in his voice and feel the fear…It sounds wonderful.” - Audio Book


Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clark, Fantastic Audio, 2001.


2000, Series recorded for NPR, 2001

* Winner of the Bradbury Award of the Science Fiction Writers of America


Love of Life: And Other Stories of Survival and the Frontier, Jack London, ReQuest, Audiobook, Portland, Maine, 2008

Silent Snow, Thayer, New Star Media, 1999

For the Time Being, Annie Dillard, New Star Media, 1999

The Law of Similars, Random House, 1998

Titanic Hearings, New Star Media Inc. 1998

, by Douglas Prestion and Lincoln Child, Time-Warner Audio Books. 1998

Double Image
, by David Morrell, Dove Books, 1998.

"David Birney is stellar in his performance..." - St. Louis Post Dispatch, July 19, 1998

Short Stories of Paul Theroux, Dove Books, 1997.
Cape Cod, by William Martin.
Night of the Fox, Jack Higgins, (Syndicated) video narrator.
Murder on the Aisle, edited by Mary Higgins Clark.
Beastly Tales, Mystery Writers of America Series.
Murder for Christmas, Mystery Writers Anthology.
Best of the West, Classic stories of the American Frontier.
Last Laughs, Mystery Writers of America Anthology.
Out on The Rim, by Ross Thomas.
Great Cat Mysteries, An Anthology of Feline Capers.
The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint Exupery, recorded for KPFK Radio, Los Angeles.

Theatreworks, NPR Playhouse and BBC dramatic recordings.

The Diary of Anne Frank. 1999
An American Daughter, Wendy Wasserstein, 1998.
Star Wars.
Julius Ceasar, William Shakespeare
Tears of Rage, Doris Baisley
The Extra Man, Richard Greenberg
Murder in the First, Dan Gordon
The White Plague, Karel Kapek